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Ten science methods of punishing children

Punishing your baby is every parents to nurture their children, one way of correcting errors. As the proverb says, is not no rules, children make mistakes, natural need for parental education and punishment. But punish babies to scientific method, once punished properly, not only to the baby's behavior not to its normative role, baby's behavior is more likely to reverse development. How to effectively punish the baby in the family, the following ten science and wisdom.
1, to persuade case: quarrel with peer, Rob toy ... ... Mode: to put the work at hand, and walked to the children around, let them know that you are paying attention and concern and asked about causes of disputes, quarrels, and sit out the child's ideas; to instill in beatings, looting is not correct behaviour and attitudes, and requiring children to learn to speak "Please, thank you, I'm sorry." Advice: not to be much noise to pressure or threats to children; not directly pull their children, then yelled at the children not words avoid hurting a child's self-esteem.
Case 2, thugs fighting, littering ... ... Method: make a wand with a newspaper, the appearance can be wrapped in a paper; give it a name, such as the alert bar, Chen bar ... ... ; Put in a fixed place as a guard. Recommendation: in a good mood when making, production can be discussed together with the children watch out for good reasons; punishing children, let him say what's wrong in the first place; remind punishment causes attention to security issues, areas dominated by Palm, ass, other parts should be avoided.
3, penalty cases: quarrelling, fighting ... ... Mode: set a cushion or a Chair in the penalty area, preferred name prepared for alarm clock or clock time penalty minutes. Suggestion: place of punishment was not being on the door, not-so-obvious places limit punishment time, or let the children speak punishment long time penalties after the children gave cause punishment today.
4, help with the housework case: graffiti, litter, toys ... ... Method: a rags, brooms, pots and other cleaning equipment ready, let them learn to clean up and develop cleanliness habits. Suggestions: parents should keep children safe; small children may be led out at home with my parents; train our children to develop the habit put where it belongs; when asked about helping family learned anything.
5, drawing a case: like curses, catching, kicking, biting and other little tricks. Mode: depending on family circumstances, place a small table at the fixed (this had better not be the usual punishment table desk, dining table, table, and so on, so as to avoid future use of these tables generates fear, fear of) prepared for a picture book and color of the brush, let the children draw, write out your mind. Suggestion: when a child is injured, dealing with the injured part first and then punishment; children occurred, and do the wrong things to draw down; adults control their emotions can be learned from a children's painting, psychological child made a mistake; this is art therapy, will not hurt the children self-esteem.
6, stand case: deliberately jumping from high places, cars run, jump. Type: Home planning a punishment zone, preferred name, location mainly on walls, not being on the door; soft cushions on the floor, preparing a clock or alarm clock, time worked children punishment of time. Suggestion: place of punishment should not be too obvious or is on the door, so as not to hurt the child's self-esteem and child punishment should not be too long, or it will cause more naughty counter-productive; depending on the child's height to cushion height; penalties after that, asks children to be punished because, let your child know what to do wrong reasons.
7, read, write stories: violence, lying, shoplifting ... ... Mode: fixed penalty area placed small table covered with cushions or; in the penalty area inside the pencil, drawing paper, colored paper, crayons, stories book ... ... And let your child write or read, resolving child angry emotion. Suggestion: when you can't put down your work, first called the child into the penalty area to reflect on; don't rage against the boy was not, isolated from the children, ease each other's emotions after emotions calm, asked about wrong motives.
8, confiscation of treasured possession case: quarrelling, litter, don't accept toys ... ... Methods: children throw away items is subject to forfeiture as punishment. Recommendation: to put the work at hand, and walked to the children around, let your child know that MOM was paying attention and concern told the children would throw items away, to stop making a noise, otherwise will be punished; kids say why making mistakes, and the cause of the angry mother. 9, row of beans case: impatience, littering and so on. Method: prepare a box, dish, there are red, green, and other colored beads, a few plastic jar; child punishment table, various colors of beads which are placed in the correct location. Recommendation: If a child is rebellious, revised as children to handle, stand, made to sit first and then punished; the aim is to train our children to develop the habit put where it belongs; able to teach hand-eye coordination, ability to distinguish when you have finished, let your child know that reason be punished.
10, prohibition of certain rights, request case: didn't like brushing your teeth, picky eaters and littering ... ... Methods: the children loved to eat, loved to play, temporary ban on touching, as a punishment. Advice: not to threaten to say out loud, angry attitude; let the children know the cause of prohibiting these rights when children performed better in the future, restoring their rights. Implementation considerations for punishment: key: grasp the principle of controlling emotions in addition, experts said, as they grow up, will inevitably make mistakes, whether unintentional or intentional, in punishing children when parents, still need to pay attention to some things, so as to avoid adverse sequelae.
Problems when punishing children:
1, and security problem, punishment items of material avoid too hard; 2, and control himself of mood reaction; 3, and punishment of locations should select not obviously, and not are on door place, so as not to injury to children pride; 4, and note wording, and tone, not to threat, and intimidation of discourse on children said; 5, and punishment content needed completely implementation, not Catholic, and compromise; 6, and punishment Hou, comfort children, let he know parents on he of care and care

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