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Experts advise: successfully education starting from habit

Xinhua News Agency, Haerbin, September 13 (reporter Yuan Ying)-education experts: kids good habits need parents out of love of the misunderstanding. Excessive care of deprived children to bear the difficulties and frustrations of the opportunity, and that is the way of good will and a code of conduct. Parents take a step back, the children further, this is the nature of growing up.
A traveling parent, because the kids used to wake up every day and have to completed site to call home, "task", otherwise the child is likely to be late for school. Another parent do not have fixed office hours, watching children still sleep in the alarm, sleep into two classes after the natural wake up children to panicked parents calmly told him: your question will have to rely on themselves to solve. Children never to own things "sharing" for adults.
Sun yunxiao, Deputy Director of China Youth Research Center quoted a celebrity reminded the pushy parents: successfully education starting from habit. The core of education is not just to impart knowledge, but to learn how to behave. Capital used is the one stored in the nervous system, one form good habits, all used up its interest develop a bad habit all reimbursement does not clear its debt.
Sun yunxiao pointed out that, if our children exposed in daily life habits of tolerance give and take without any correction, it may be incomplete because of non-intelligence factors restricting the development of.
How to guide their children's habits? Professor Sun yunxiao, the formula is to cultivate good habits in addition; overcoming bad habits with subtraction. Cultivate children's reading habits, combined with the characteristics to interest children select books, from, from short to long. Not overnight, you adhere to for a long time. School children sit the bench is a normal phenomenon. An attentive observer writing in mother son, drink, urinate, less than an hour out four or five times. The mother in the eye but there is no rush, but the next day the children homework before giving to child made a suggestion: before sitting down to do something, to do good, I see your homework out 3 times when it could be. Child in his mother's encouragement does go out once a mother in a few days to reduce the time of the proposal, ease child did. Parents demand decreased, until the children can concentrate on homework, helping children overcome the bad habits, more important is protection of the child's self-confidence.

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