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The lack of communication for parents to empathy

Reporters at Shanghai mental health center found that most of the parents because the children fall behind speech reduces, they discover that their children have psychological problems and hurriedly took the children to visit. "Ignore or even avoid the parents communicate with their children everywhere. "Children Du Yasong, Director of the Research Office of the Centre, said:" they don't know what children have psychological problems, do not know how to communicate; in fact, children of all ages, parents should play a decisive role. "
"The lack of stress releasing way, is an important cause of child psychological confusion caused. "The Shanghai Pediatrics hospital Gao Hongyun Director for Pediatric counseling believe that" for young children, they often lack the ability to express and experience, this time kids game is the most effective way to vent. Larger children a sense of independence, and peer exchange is a more effective way. No matter what the age needs parental empathy, learn to listen to the voices of children

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