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How to improve the mental health of children

The saying goes: "100 teachers, not as a mother. "The family has a vast, imperceptible effect on children. But in recent years, in the city, information society, the parents of their children's education is very weak, in fostering children's endurance strength and overcome the effort is far from enough. Want to have healthy physical and mental development of the child, which is all the family's wishes. This home for families with young children. May be some inspiration.
Children need family warmth t ◇ ◇ their parents mother and father must be connected like a rubber band, because the child was looking thoughtful soul ties grow between the parents. If with a theatrical metaphor, parents were actors, the protagonist is children, family is a stage, people around the audience. Actor if not carefully studied the script make the show a success, this show is not a show. To make the lead play to its strength (the child's growth), it is necessary to have a good stage, but also depends on the skill of the actors. Parents sympathetic, compassionate to each other, you can create a good stage to cultivate good character.
◇ ◇ Mastering basic life skills children in the family, school and society slowly learn various life skills. As expected to master life skills in early childhood and is greeted, the concept of time, sorting, health and safety 5 elements. This is the basis of indispensable to create a pleasant living environment, base should be in a child's life-the family set-up.
"The child grew up watching parents back. "The attitude of the parents directly into your child's life model. Greets life harmony between the parents, children and kids, naturally harmonious relationship between active greeting. Also, parents should make a plan, and efforts to make effective use of my time with our children, clean the environment and time with my family, keep the environment clean and hygienic. In today's increasingly busy traffic, you should also teach children the ability to protect themselves, to develop the idea of safety first.
◇ ◇ And the consulting and guidance when talking to children, parents not to be serious, with the mood and a child to the child's situation or point of conversation. For example, mother is knitting sweaters, children walking to his mother's side, kept saying a dog I met on the way home from school, "MOM, my puppy is very cute on the road when he came back, and fluffy, I hold it, it's warm. It also spoiled brat to me, as if to say anything! "Mother said," Yes, you seem to want to say, want to bring it back. "" MOM do you think so? I would also like to feed it. MOM, we can do at home? "
From the perspective of parents when talking to children, should guide and help children to judge good and evil, showing directions to be taken, "my mom wanted to feed it, but in this village, will be troublesome for you, so you can feed it? We should observe the rules. "However, parents sometimes difficult to immediately determine the difference. When parents cannot evade, children should be and put our heads together, trying to find the most appropriate solution. To do so, can strengthen the authority of parents to their children and children of parents ' trust.
• Observe the child's mind ◇ child care in words and deeds, often potentially important information to reflect the changes in the minds of children. If the parents are not paying attention or not even notes that appropriate countermeasures can be taken, which will cause the child in the unreasonable direction, or due to excessive interference in the child's world, and it will distort the child's mind.
Parents should always be full of reason and love and children, pay attention to the child's face, the eyes of a child, observe children limb movements, observe children did show in the appearances of the mind. In the process of child development, parents should pay attention to the children the heart sign, or usually found no light shine. Thus corrected to distort the sign, and carry forward those bright spots.
• Pay attention to the "learning" • children's attitude to life, family life and family life from their parents ' attitudes and forms.
Parents should know that overly spoiled or self-indulgent and overly strict constraints, lack of parental love, parent education ideas between different, reflecting the effects of what will be in the child's eyes. Child is observing what parents say and do, but also reflected. This shows that the problem occurs once a child, parents should first reflect on their life, thinking about love and trust for children ought to be. "Teachers" this sentence, applies not only to the school, also suitable for families.
• Carnival • best family around the table for dinner, restaurant is every Member of the family place to relaxed and happy to speak their minds, especially for children, are important places for personality formation, so you must create an atmosphere of harmony. Family dinner around the table topic, should encourage children to grow, such as family health, mood, good or bad, when you encounter children one day and future development. Every day is busy, but parents should try to find as many opportunities for family dinner, efforts to create a pleasant eating environment.
Help children to understand the living conditions • living history and cultural history • your child out of the House to be able to freely run or game? Active children in residence immersed in the nature of pleasure, and by those who visit bearing in mind the natural landscape of residence, residence is full of emotion, and people develop basic habits in a friendly environment, form the heart of devotion.
Do your children know the residence features? For example, regional history, cultural history, industries, festivals, and life learning facilities, related to the area of development, natural beauty, transportation routes, and so on. Parents should let children experience and living areas of development.
Our region, had a huge influence on people's daily lives. Each and every resident of feelings and people help each other constitute a living landscape, contribute to the region's culture and promote harmonious family atmosphere, peaceful area. Parents should teach children to be good at finding living areas of the United States.
• Listen to the old man about ◇ s said, I don't know much about something in the past, but the old man came to our school in the area after the lecture, we learned a lot the past. Now with things like machinery, what is very convenient, and am glad I did not live in the past. I hear Grandpa talking about the past, said that no toys sold in the shop, so do their own toys. Said the mother was boiling water to cook with firewood. I felt nothing before, life was so hard.
When I go to Grandma, Grandma something cake with the casserole. I ate the cake was very sweet. Grandma's House is an old House, boiling water with a little kerosene on fire, so the kitchen not floors instead of dirt.
Listen to old people talk about the past, I was just too far behind. I admire people who have devised a variety of ways have survived.
Foster does not easily give up a husband running was the last person in the school games, mother knew child had tried her best.
On the way home, yilangjun looked down and said to her mother: "MOM, I got last. "Mother walks in front of children, crouched down and put his hands on her son's shoulder and slowly said," today's running, my mother had seen Ichiro was running.
Mother not because Ichiro fell to end up unhappy. Even if it is the last name, as long as it is carefully run is the best! "One man's face gradually returned to normal, he swore to himself and the mother said:" next year, I always run first! "When the children when they feel frustrated to fail, parents should understand children and warm attitudes expressed his understanding.
◇ ◇ Training challenges spirit is now child's play, regional disparities have been less obvious. Child's lack of game experience, affects not only the integration of children and nature, also involving a child's life experience and rapport with people.
In the information society, the children know many indirect knowledge, but due to the lack of life experience, more and more children found that "even if he has never done is perfectly competent." It is regrettable that, fewer opportunities to break that confidence, children begin to believe in their abilities. They indirectly experience a day in the life, in such a situation in the once troubled, many people will lose the courage to live. Therefore, it is important to nurture their children even if the failure will also rise to the challenging spirit of countless times. Even now, people still need to overcome many difficulties and pains, life force. We often will those who defy difficulties walking, step by step people moved.
Kids grew up watching parents hard figure, children perseverance and courage to overcome difficulties so a child is very important, no matter what happens, is full of hope for life, because hope is the driving force for future development.
• Cultivating children's self-control ◇ now more and more children to be prone to anger when people talk harsh on him, or his own ideas at the wall and immediately excited. This is caused by the parents of the child in pampers and consequences.
When kids play, through lecture, can learn to control his unhappy mood, contain their excitement. If the child has received little reprimand, live in environments with no constraints, it is impossible to learn to control his emotions.
The ancients said, "loving" parents strict education, children will be benefited.
Children are good at listening to others can often hear parents say this distress: "we children distracted, does not listen carefully in class. What is good? "In fact, this problem should be exposed in the home, indicating parents spoke, did not demonstrate speech charm.
In the home, not just listening to questions, and the speaker's content and skills are related. To improve the child's attention, parents should consider how to focus on ways to make children love to listen to, and make the content of the speech appealing to children. Mother often told the children, "Keiko today what the teacher said? Telling MOM "and so on. Even if the children spoke very little, parents have to show a warm, listening. It is important, parents must first be a good listener.
Foster children thinking the child was strong curiosity, wants to try everything, met the stranger things soon will stop and take a closer look: "that's what it is! "Want to touch and try. In times like this, parents tend to block a side commentary or that the child is naughty, and scolded: "don't touch! "In fact, this is not conducive to cultivate children's ability to think.
To foster a child thinks, parents should set aside some time on the "gap", let the child to feel. If children find what they should observe with great interest. Moreover, once the baby is asking any questions, should make a suitable level of understanding of child development stages to answer. If the child is school already, you can say: "what do you think? "The first leads to the child's thinking, or say," MOM thought ... ... But then again, I don't know, you look at to look up. "Encouraging children read. If the child says, "MOM, just a matter of dictionary written......" encourages the efforts of the parents of the child should be: "did you see? Know more about. "
In the encouragement of parents, kids will make "thoughtful" direction.
Let children know how precious life is usually the mother is always nagging told Gao Zhijun while doing this while doing it. One day, Gao Zhijun had a cold. Mother tried to make Gao Zhijun fever down, covered his towels and ice packs on his forehead, changed dozens of times, sleeping at night in Gao Zhijun side, watching with concern, awake, not to encourage: "Gao Zhijun, you only live once, my mom looked, Gao Zhijun should stick to it. "Gao Zhijun is uncomfortable with a high fever, saw his mother was so worried about his body, his eyes started to heat up.
Teach children to take the initiative to greet people when children go to school together arm in arm, road acquaintances proactively greeting, "good morning! "" How do you do! "These very natural to the Children Act day became brighter. Even if ************, and wary of people met, active and cheerful greeting if, in the heart of pine will release. Just because greeting people's social life will be smooth.
To get children active and cheerful greeting, the most important thing is that parents will take the initiative to say hello. Parent no matter how earnestly advised the boy said: "to say hello! "But they don't greet greet children are never willing to open. The old saying goes, saw the boy will be able to understand the child's parents. Because the child is very sensitive to parents ' words and deeds, so parents must not be taken lightly.
In between parents, between friends, neighbors, by greeting, you can gradually expand spiritual communication between people.
When children are bullied, he heard when the child complained of being bullied, you can compose it? You will there be accused of language: "who is bullying you? "" What's going on? "" You said nothing? "" You're down on him, you are him! "" Why don't you tell the teacher? "Children are bullied, tend to be described as" cowardly ".
However, the children tell their own distress, is that the parents understand his grief, helped him understand what parents should tell children to own and happy and praise him.
When their children when they are bullied, parents should first calm about things and issues of critical, depending on the situation to give recognition and encouragement to the child, child support, foster children the spirit of self-reliance and must work closely with school contact and discuss solutions.
When a child is not to organize and clean up children and their mothers gather together face up toys. The mother smiled and said to the child: "look, you play with me today, I am happy, thank you. Tomorrow we play like that again, okay? "Through such a dialogue, the child will feel the importance of finishing, there would be no things were scattered all over the floor.
No matter which family, such a scenario often occurs: the mother says "eat dinner, put toys away. "Went down to the kitchen. See children do not finish, never-ending grumble, all the hands quickly sort out.
If so, this would never resonated with children psychologically, do desire. If you are waiting for your kids to do, or to do with children, what then? In finishing, parents should take heart, sweet language, so that children experience a sense of accomplishment and joy to an end.
Things won't pick up around them, it is develop bad habits from an early age, the children more harm than good. Parents should abandon "naturally would do when I grow up" Pollyanna ideas, basic, good habits, children must be allowed to develop in early childhood.
When you do not know what children think started weaning babies from the age of one, leaving the mother's breast, eat normal food. With this the same way, to independence, children also need to begin a spiritual "weaning period".
Children, with their own lack of experience and knowledge, begin to occur around them including parents and thinking things in the school to see if the community. Not for parents/************ teach that concept to think, but to set up their own ideas.
Like a torrent of children suddenly become words seldom, sometimes criticize parents, not as outspoken as before, then parents may feel a sense of loss. At this time, parents can't raise children parents themselves, but rather in his capacity as senior associate with children.
Parents should make every effort to show understanding and empathy for their children. Persuasion is understanding the point of-children.
When children are unable to devote themselves to learning the child to learn many things in life. If the school is not particularly fall behind, you need not worry. However, seeing children unable to devote themselves to learning, parents can't help but be worried. That time, agitation, nagging, complaining, or reprimand, will only be counterproductive.
Worried about their children not study hard before, parents should show their diligent work attitude to their children. Society is a large school, regardless of reading or learning to cook or to study music, if you like, even if you don't walk out the door, learning opportunities are everywhere. Parents should not worry, never reprimanded for children, children should be active and working together to develop a love of learning habits.
Children themselves different from others and to feel annoyed when their children have aspirations of independent thinking, they will become very strong sense of self. At this time, many children will secretly worried, feel different from others. To resolve this problem, we must help children develop open relationships, objective observer of yourself, learn to understand each other. Modern society is to emphasize the age of personalized, important to nurture this child: admit that people have different personalities, understanding other people's personalities, and they are full of confidence.

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