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Genius parents remember ten 10 not

At a family reunion, Lee puts the parent's feelings. Mrs Liu said, "Yes! every induction training or professional training, but why is there no personnel to teach us how to be good parents?" Listen to the words of a parent's earnest, always happy, because after all the parenting to parents, "walking".
The day got very hard, and the heated discussion on how to be a genius father and mother.
Provided below to do a genius parents of "ten" and "ten", to care for children of parents make a reference:
Genius parents "ten":
1, pay attention to the example and precept as a model for their children.
2, acceptance, respect for the views of children, and communication with their children.
3, to give their children the appropriate independence and exercise opportunities.
4, trust their children and have a sense of humor.
5, the child rearing attitude of authority and care in a timely manner.
6, gentle, not to nag, no tongue.
7, can feel free to grow and keep pace with the times.
8, understanding the needs of children, and to make an objective judgment for their actions.
9, kindergarten and school teachers to communicate, to understand the living conditions of the children at the school in the gardens.
10, teach children positive moral values and responsible attitude in all things.
Genius parents "ten":
1, without preference or special preference for one child in the family.
2, does not spoil their children, or simply just want to replace them with money family.
3, not because their parents think everything is his.
4, does not smoke, not to play cards, drink less and less entertaining.
5, a child makes a mistake not rant or violent.
6, does not dispute into a family affair that undermine family harmony.
7, do not vent of discontent to the children who work.
8, not only all day school, give them a chance to do household chores.
9, always pay attention to grooming, not sloppy feel to others.
10, when disciplining their children and not be a rake to scold children is not.

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