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Junior parents Note: good Cha yan color

Parents need to understand several important stages and arrangements for the three years earlier. Most school will in third Shang arrangements 1-2 times quizzes, and November mid-period tests, and next year January final test (also called City quality); third Xia except quizzes outside, April around has tests English interview, and sports exam, and physico-chemical experiment exam, May end of around has history graduated examination, the school in May will arrangements once tests simulation test, some school in June also arrangements second times simulation test, then is tests.
Secondly, the analysis of the child's status, clear objectives and strategies to help children. Based on observation of children, as well as information received from teachers, coupled with the children several times since entering junior high school final exam scores and analysis of children learning attitude and habits, learning ability, and existing levels of learning, listing strengths and weaknesses, be aware.
Third, children come to a consensus. Note to give the child their own analysis or guidance in his analysis, analysis not comprehensive enough or accurate enough and disputed with him, the key is to make the child a desire to improve. On this basis, and then explore the room for improvement, and identify weakness in 1-2 most likely to change as a breakthrough.
Finally, an implementation plan. To have confidence in children and helping children build confidence. On the academic achievement of poor children for the time being, as long as you don't give up, there is hope. To believe the children and let them trust you.
In addition, parents should be good at "the wind blows", when the child mood changes, to help them, particularly after the exam, regardless of how the exam, should talk to children. Should focus on analysis, experience and lessons from exams; analysis papers together with the children and found the problem. Finally, you can encourage your child to find a teacher to understand, or private tutoring, and so on.
Poor grasp of the trust, and a bad one becomes indulgence. If the parents are not sure about this, you can communicate more with the children and teachers. "Trust" is not whether or not pipes, but the premise of mutual trust, "pipe" more fine level.
Reminder: parents principles there are three ways to improve education. Don't be impatient. Don't expect the child suddenly has a lot of changes don't interupt your child when talking with their children. To master the second tone of the child's education. In praising tone, or the story, many recommendations, don't nag. C don't say children at the dinner table. This time is a good timing to enhance family and child, not to preach.

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