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Developed home education

In the United States, family education is to bring up children full of pioneering spirit, can be the starting point of a self-reliant people. Parents from their children when they realize the value of labor, let the children self repair and assembling motorcycles and went outside to work.
Even rich kids to fend for themselves.
United States high school students have a slogan: "to spend money earned! "The farmers families have children sharing the home of cut grass, painting the House, simple woodworking repairs and other work. In addition, going out when the handyman, and selling physical, such as summer help push mower, who shovels snow in winter, people sweep the leaves in the fall.
In Switzerland, parents not to let children become incompetent, foster children from an early age self-reliance spirit. For example, the 77-year old girl, graduated from junior high school to a cultured family when the maid for about a year, morning work, go to school in the afternoon. To do so, on the one hand can exercise the ability to work, to seek independent ways of earning; the other is conducive to language learning. Switzerland German-speaking area, there are French-speaking areas, girls usually so a language area to another linguistic area house servant. There is quite a lot of people must go to the United Kingdom to learn English, same servant is and learn the language. After the master three languages, went to the Office, Bank or shop Office. People who rely on their parents for a long time the parasitic life, are considered worthless or shameful.
In Japan, when children are very young, inculcating in them the idea that "no trouble to others. "And attention in everyday life to develop children's abilities and self-improvement. Traveling with the whole family, no matter how small children, without exception, carry a small bag. To ask why? Parents say: "this is their own stuff, should he come back. "After school, many students have to do in their spare time, outside work to make money. Work-study programs are very common among college students, even the children of the rich are no exception. They lived by waiting tables, washing dishes in a restaurant, in store sales, care for the elderly, family teachers earn their fees.
In the former West Germany, from an early age children do things themselves, parents never replace. Law also provides that child to the age of 14 will be some obligations at home, such as man shining shoes for the entire family. To do so, not only in order to develop the child's ability to work, but also to develop the child's sense of social obligation.
In developed countries, family, parents generally pay attention to develop children's abilities and self-improvement. This is so because of the developed market economy requires that members must have this ability and spirit.

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