How to choose a suitable instructor?

Each students are has himself of temper, and personality and features, again plus everyone of learning status also vary; also, each Faculty of temper, and character, and teaching method also different, plus Faculty of knowledge level and teaching capacity also the not same, this on decided has impossible has a unified of standard to measure each teacher of pros and cons, Sanya tutor information center of views is for himself Faculty of is best of!!
In General, success, good students, they subtly guiding the student to good learning method. In addition, those good patience, understand spiritual communication faculty with the students is more appropriate.
Secondly, parents have some wrong ideas, feel good teaching faculty than students, it is also a great deal of misunderstanding. Of course, professional teachers is a "professional" features, and also familiar with teaching content of primary and secondary schools, but the same professional teachers some of the most fatal disadvantage:
First, the General poor, generally speaking, each teacher can teach a course, but students usually need to make a few courses, it would be difficult to do so in order to taste. And college students are generally able to teach several different classes.
Second, poor communication, will have some gap between students and teachers and the generation gap, they usually communicate in an unequal position, this makes the class atmosphere is not so easy, especially younger children will not adapt, but college students usually big brothers and Big Sisters of identity more effective communication with children.
Therefore we won't be blind for you to choose the teacher, we will ask for details of the case, combining the characteristics of participants themselves, and try to keep your teacher's requirements, after a critical examination of the talent pool to elect for your child's best teacher for you, until both you and the instructor is satisfied. BACK

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