2011 school Hainan Busters program: Sun Yat-sen University plans to hire 65 people

Sun Yat-sen University plans to hire 65 people in Hainan this year, enrollment is equal to last year. Literature and history, 15 of them to hire 50 people of science. Specific admissions plans following: Lingnan College economics class (containing economics, and international economic and trade, and finance, and financial learn, and insurance professional) 2 people, and China language literature department Han language literature 2 people, and philosophy department philosophy 2 people, and sociology and anthropology College anthropology (containing anthropology, and archaeological professional) 2 people, and translation College foreign language literature class (containing English, and foreign Chinese, and in Arabic, and Spain language, and North Korea language, and Russian professional) 4 people, and physical science and engineering technology College material physical 3 people, and In the method nuclear engineering and Technology College nuclear engineering and nuclear technology (in the method cooperation running) 2 people, and geographic science and planning College geographic science class (containing resources environment and urban and rural planning management, and geographic science, and geographic information system professional) 4 people, and hydrological and water resources engineering 3 people, and tourism College tourism management (containing tourism management, and hotel management, and exhibition economic and management professional) 2 people, and tourism College Exhibition economic and management (and Australia Queensland University joint training) 2 people, and life science College biological science class (containing biological science, and Biological technology, and ecology professional) 3 people, and marine College marine science enrollment 3 people, and environment science and Engineering College environment science class (containing environment science, and environment engineering professional) 2 people, and atmosphere science class (containing atmosphere science, and application meteorology professional) 2 people, and spread and design College news communication class (containing news learn, and public relations learn, and art design learn, and digital media art, and communication professional) 3 people, and method College 3 people, and political and public affairs management College Administration (defense health) 2 people, and Management College business management class ( Containing business management, and human resources management, and e-commerce, and financial management, and accounting, and market marketing, and tourism management professional) 2 people, and mathematics and calculation Science College mathematics class (containing mathematics and application mathematics, and statistics, and information and calculation Science Professional) 3 people, and information science and technology college computer science and technology (containing computer science and technology, and network engineering, and information security professional) 2 people, and software College software engineering 3 people, and Zhongshan medical school clinical 3 people, and Guanghua oral medical school oral medical 2 people, and School of public health, preventive medicine, College of nursing 2, nursing 2. BACK

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