Why Hainan teaching quality is not high?

Hainan compulsory education balanced development stay essay looking back new century Qian ten years, objective evaluation, Hainan compulsory education development made has huge progress: 2002, I province through national "two base" assessment acceptance; 2005, I province first on compulsory education stage elementary and middle school students implemented has "two from a fill" policy; in national first unified urban and rural teachers wage standard, full implementation elementary and middle schools teachers performance wage, a step leveled province elementary and middle schools teachers and civil servants of income gap; first in Midwest area elimination elementary and middle schools d level dangerous; In batches in a creative way "educational project" come children and urban students with the quality education resources.
However, at the same time, highlights a series of compulsory education development in Hainan, "why", but deeply troubled education sector: why good schools, teachers ' salary is high, the quality of teaching are hard to improve? why not money but there are some students drop out of school work ... ... It can be said that to crack the series of "why", promoting the standardization of compulsory schools to achieve balanced development of compulsory education in Hainan Province, is extremely urgent.
Mr. Hu guanghui, Director of provincial Department of education said, "in some places, some people believe that compulsory education has achieved the school-age children and adolescents ' school ', ' wanted ', do not need to focus on, and does not need to increase investment, or even that can have a free hand to do something else, the tendency is to do no good!"
Mr. Hu guanghui compulsory imbalances in our province comes down to three things:
First is the unbalanced development of urban and rural areas. Rural schools on the one hand the "weak" and "empty", on the other hand the city school "strong" and "squeeze". Rural schools "weak" in the school on the hardware, on a weak, weak in quality in teachers in rural schools "null" is empty, empty at the level of principals and teachers in the students on the team. This situation is a direct result of the town school and crowded places can not meet the school's needs, serious shortage of resources, large amounts is becoming increasingly prominent, province in 2010 junior high school class and super class up to 49.26% per cent of total number of classes, 70, 80 or more classes in some schools still exist. And some of the sharp decline in the number of students in rural schools and even "empty", a serious waste of educational resources, school lose the basic economies of scale, it is difficult to maintain normal teaching.
Followed by unbalanced regional development. Due to differences in economic and social development and Education Foundation, the province area, between the development level of County compulsory education between a serious imbalance. Monitoring results of Ministry education basic education quality monitoring center in 2008 and in 2010 I graduated from junior high school academic proficiency test results, from good rates and good rate comparison, the cities and counties the gap is huge. Pass rates at some cities and counties were too embarrassed to mention by its Director of education.
Furthermore, the unbalanced development of schools is also very obvious. Due to historical reasons, formed around a group of relatively good primary and lower secondary schools, either condition, headmaster of the school teachers, or school level, are significantly better than average schools, resulting in "school choice hot" growing people's discontent is growing has become hot issues of common concern. And some schools have long been limited investment, poor, weak teachers, low level of concern, school development cycle, educational quality and student academic level slowly or even falling.
Haikou tutor was informed that province in 2010 522 junior high school (finished), the academic proficiency test pass rate for junior high school graduates high school pupil pass rates of up to 94.7%, and pass rates of 20 schools from the bottom, student pass rates are low. A large amount of data and facts have proved that within each city and County schools in our province is even larger than the development gap between city and County regional differences among, if not a lot of attention and to take effective measures, the gap between schools in the same area is likely of a sustained trend.
"The balanced development of compulsory education, and should at least include five aspects, including the basic balance of educational opportunities and condition basically balanced, the Faculty of basic balance basically balanced, teaching quality, school behavior standards. "Liao Qinglin said.
On March 9 this year, the provincial government and the Ministry of education signed a memorandum on promoting the balanced development of compulsory education in Beijing. According to province Department of education early intends of schedule, I province advance compulsory education balanced development intends points "three step go": 2012 end of zhiqian, including Ocean Pu CMC zainei, I province will strive to has 4 a city (County, and district) achieved compulsory education balanced development; to 2015 end of Qian, again has 7 City (County, and district) achieved compulsory education balanced development; to 2020 end of Qian, province all achieved compulsory education balanced development. BACK

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