University four things you know

Year after year, day after day, gone again.
University is a platform for our society, college days in our value of life is so short, as college students, we do four things, you did it, you're not white at the University of reading.
1, the pursuit of knowledge to focus on knowledge, we want to speak is divided into two areas, namely, professional and general knowledge.
Treatment professional, an attitude is my favorite so I learn, if you don't like it, but you find that the professional can find good jobs in the future, may become a tool for you, so you can learn.
Major was not a child's play, is a lifelong choice. Just so you know, once designated, even if don't like it, got it. Why? Because even if you don't have any, but there are professional, people will hire you, you will have food to eat. In addition, the professional level as much as possible to get a little better. Why? Two reasons: first, your professional level well, find work a little easier in the future other universities all around the world in the next 15 years will be opened to China, everyone has the potential to go abroad to study, at that time, if your grades are very low, students have no hope.
Professional is selected, be sure to read the first three books in the field of professional know, any ideas into three books into your own ideas, then you are likely to become the top professionals. All laid the Foundation of theory and theoretical framework, you want to be in the middle of the depth of the future development, there is endless potential. Apart from reading books in the University, and was widely read. Arts reading science, science of arts. History of philosophy, history of science, history of literature, biology and sociology, political science, economics, geography, psychology, and all of the essays, prose, poetry, and we all have to read. People who read more read, development potential must be strong, because you have a thickness of your career high. Thickness of the Foundation determines the height of my career. What is inside? Inside story is how many books have you read, how many roads go, this is the inside story. Haven't read the book, what are you thinking? Haven't read the book, how can you consider problems from multiple perspectives? Haven't read the book, how can you be creative? Haven't read the book, how do you know that looking at the stars?
Sanya family 2, the pursuit of friendship Tip: just so you know, social work, or work colleagues often scramble for power; or a subordinate reporting relationships at work; or relations with people outside, ask each other. Usually hard to appear genuine soul friends and help each other friends.
Make good friends with two of the most important preconditions: first, you are a good person and secondly, following the more powerful people than you.
If possible, 3, the pursuit of love, love to talk about a University is also good.
What happens if two lovers? Very simple and single-minded love! What is soul? Not to say that the University can only once in love, but only one at a time. Love to talk about generosity. What is magnanimous? Love is a kind of fate, friends forever to be loyal, but love is not loyal, love is love. If I love you must be true to you; I've lost love, not feel for you, I left you is normal. So, love. To leave you, you only have one way, is to wish her well all the way, your happiness is my happiness. &Nbsp;  love in University, in fact, does not necessarily result. Beauty on beauty in the process, leave your footprints in the campus, has a youthful memories, that's all that matters.
4 and prepare for the future now that everybody in encouraging entrepreneurship, Sanya tutors are also encouraged. Statistics show that college students have no work experience business 99.9% will fail. Success rate is too low, why? Because starting a business a few basics: first, you need to know how to deal with the relationship between people and things, the work you have for some time before this skill and second, you need to be familiar with the experience of an industry and operation models. Life will always have a chance, hold a good working attitude, starting from the most basic, exercise their abilities, cardio, you always grow up.
As long as we did this four things done, reserves for itself a good attitude, good knowledge, good interpersonal relationships, our University is brilliant, is substantial. BACK

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