Institutions abroad should know

General problems in the studying and living abroad will involve study, life, psychology, health, regulation, and safety aspects. As a reminder before you start studying abroad, Haikou after the tutor advises students to go abroad, to fully adapt to and understand all available resources. Students can often help resource has the following use of these--1. Office of international students and almost every school to receive overseas students with international student Office is responsible for student life matters, including applications for admission, course information, turn professional and ask for a transfer application, admission and tuition payments, health insurance and visa arrangements.
2. outside the Office of international student services center in addition to international students, many schools also offer the international student service centers to help international students to solve problems in their daily lives, such as links and accommodation information.
3. counseling service center if you encounter some undo the "pimple", can go to the school's Counseling Service Center for help, they'll solve psychological problems for students such as homesickness as soon as possible emotions, counselling students are learning how to adapt to the new life, how to make new friends, and so on.
4. students, friends and communities when many parents are hesitant to send their children abroad, most worried about the children out after the safety of a person in a foreign country. Children in a strange, language independent national learning and life, encountered problems and difficulties do? Classmates, friends and the community to enable children to integrate into life abroad.

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