As a student (parent) what rights and obligations?

Good, you need to talk to your tutor tutoring fees (Note: tutor fees may refer to the Center), on a monthly basis, or by weekly to pay the teacher's class cost.
Second, if you need to purchase textbooks for teaching reasons, fees should be paid by the student.
Three, teachers taught for the first time to try to grant, please teach students according to the teacher's level decides whether employ the teachers, if it decided to employ the press agreed to pay the teachers if decided not to hire then dismiss the teacher tuition pay day 30%, the Center is responsible for new teachers for you free, until you are satisfied.
Four, the network identity of the teacher is to undergo a rigorous certification, with detailed status information archive, so the teacher if there are any bad behavior, participants (parents) to immediately inform this network, this net will do its utmost to assist.
[Note] "Faculty" refers to: Faculty, teachers, retired teachers and foreign teachers.
[Note] "special programmes" means: Arts, fine arts, instrumental music, chess, music, sports and so on. BACK

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