How harmonious teacher-student relationship

On the relationship between teachers and students in teaching has always been a problem for people attached great importance to the issue. The ancient "partner as a parent-child," said show the apprentice (teachers and students) the kind of intimate relationship between, but our tradition of "dignity" the influence of factors such as, the classroom atmosphere too serious, intense, Holy, promoted from the 60 's to the classroom "United, alert, earnest and lively" atmosphere only a slogan written on a classroom wall. In a district survey shows: "students arrive at school, feel nervous", in three or five grade primary school, junior high school grade 1-3 are 5.4%, 20.5%, 42.8%, 39%, 40%; the "exam", 65%, 28%, 60%, 62%; "teachers feel afraid", 60%, 25%, 44%, 66%. It goes without saying that teacher-student relationship. It's hard to imagine the relationship between teachers and students can make a teacher's lesson plan completed on time so as to reflect their life values, enables students to learn knowledge, improving the students ' imagination and creativity, become useful talents, and the teacher-student relationship affects the normal relationships in the community development and the implementation of quality education being pushed by.
Effective teaching must be based on the premise of harmonious teacher-student relationship. A harmonious relationship between teachers and students, and students ' imagination and wealth of creativity is likely to be fully realized. This is the "kiss his teacher, letter". Psychology research shows that when people are depressed, imagination is only the usual one-second, or even less. "Maximum creation of the creative imagination, always stems from feelings. "(Former Soviet psychologists Teplov). Neurophysiology experiments to prove this point: when the human spirit is highly relaxed, coordination, brain chemical that wholesome secreting endorphins. Endorphin (endorphin analgesic substances) can promote blood circulation, can help relax muscles, nerves, mental, gives rise to a feeling of enjoyment, comfort, pleasure, you can make the brain more sensitive, more easily and effectively. Instead, nervousness, anger, anxiety, fear, defense case, the brain to secrete large amounts of chemicals harmful to physical and mental health, resulting in lack of concentration and rebellious attitudes, is not conducive to the healthy development of people.
In order to profitably, maximize student development, developed countries have put forward "change teaching and learning environment" and "give students free", "student-centered" and "brother teaching", and so on. Recently presented to the teachers in the teaching of "role" repositioning of new ideas, think teachers ' main task is assigned to study the environment, is designed a variety of teaching and learning activities for students, and students ' activities, guidance, assistance, and incentives, these provide very practical experience to improve the teacher-student relationship. In the us, "dignity" far-reaching state how harmonious teacher-student relationship?
First, teachers must sacrifice and cares for all students, care for all students. The profession of teachers is the most Glary vocation under the Sun, the professional nature of the teachers ' social status and student's image. Under the bondage of the exam-oriented education, in order to complete or improve rates of some teachers to focus attention only those students with good grades, neglect or even despise the poor students. This tendency in the region are common. Students in school is to accept education of, China currently in primary stage of socialism, in China now of productivity level Xia, to universal higher education is impossible of, must has part students rose can't learn and to social, this part students from personality Shang told and results good of students even teachers are is equal of, teachers in class Shang of not just treatment must will serious hurt they of pride and makes they to teachers of opposite, in class Shang trying to and teachers against, manufacturing incidents, effect class teaching. Therefore, teachers must reject this practice, doing justice to each and every student. Should not only care about their learning more about their moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic, work and other aspects of development. Teachers must learn empathy, care and empathy for the sake of learning.
Second, teachers need to condescend and weaken the authority and new teachers. Harmonious relationship between teachers and students have to make a good teacher is greatly enjoyed by students, especially now in this information age, film, television, newspapers, magazines, radio, Internet ... ... Students are surrounded by a variety of media, face the dizzying world of information, they are often only to absorb and imitate their heads off, and to not make rational choices. They have a wonderful life is busy, Skate dancing, playing football, going to the NBA, playing machines, Internet chat, to a birthday PARTY, singing the latest pop songs ... ... They proudly billed himself as the new new youth. Compared with that, teachers have received much less information, they will give students knowledge is power, and they say Newton and Lu Xun, and when such a teacher walked into student circles, like a salon of indigenous into the alien artificial intelligence on the circle-they know almost nothing about the topic, no interrupting, so how can they have a cohesion and influence on students? How harmonious teacher-student relationship. Teacher: preaching, tuition, FAQ. "Tao" is not necessarily the way to solve problems, "karma" is not operational, "confusion" can come from any of the contact area. Because of this, teachers in the new century, the violence because they can as a teacher of students relative to the student's growing range of information sources do not say, is gradually closing! This leads to reduced common language between teachers and students, psychological distance apart. And once the psychological divide, student teacher at arm's length, the teacher also be misleading to students.
So harmonious teacher-student relationship must be a popular with the new generation of teachers, teachers will condescend, learn new things, not simply denied he knows not. Learning is a lifelong thing, especially for teachers. Cannot do anything the teacher said, more could be "the teacher's every word is the law." On the whole, teachers ' knowledge, systems, and students than teachers. But in terms of cognitive development, students ' thinking more dynamic by nature, has found the problem, questions, problem-solving spirit, so-called "bluer than", which is the law.
Media have reported that school rules: students can refuse to questions posed by the teacher in the classroom; students can sit in class answer teachers improve ... ... Such rules in the current reform and opening of China is eating crabs, is a challenge to the traditional education of ethics, but this provision will get a role in harmonious teacher-student relations.
Third, teachers should have the courage to liberate students. Today's college entrance examination system reform will no doubt provide harmonious teacher-student relationship with the soil, China's current reform of the education system is a main objective of developing students ' creative thinking ability, that is, "dare not think about others, dare to say what they dare not say, and dare to do things that other people are afraid to do." Teachers would venture to encourage students to "paranoia, bizarre, above the sentence way" so that teachers of having students answer questions raised, the answers are not consistent with the so-called standard answer and give students a hard time, resulting in tense situations in the classroom.
In short, harmonious teacher-student relationship to improve classroom efficiency is very important, harmony is also varied, hoping this peer to discuss this subject. BACK

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