Eight conditions of qualified tutors

Education experts believe that qualified tutors should have eight conditions:
1, and like children of people; 2, and something forced must rest, prior can notification of people, while sometime also can to fill class of people; 3, and late has to description late of reasons, as not late of people; 4, and if school left of job solution can't of when, not immediately help answers, but proposed similar of problem help children improve thinking capacity and solution problem of capacity of people; 5, and wants to please he introduced into famous middle school Shi, not easily promised of people; 6, and can put himself school or in school Shi of hard learning, and Testing experience, all introduced to children, and to inspire children, teach your child about learning people; 7, patiently guiding neurotic people, bad grades and has an inferiority complex of children; 8, if the parent accidentally let out school teacher is bad, and critical tone when he in front of the child who does not participate in reviews BACK

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