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Junior mathematical synchronization classes

Some parents feel that rose is very competitive at the beginning and rise into the middle school's much less pressure, "entered middle school, like safes"
  Some parents think that junior high school for three years, first you can relax, "who started this don't be so nervous, tests no later than the second day of the third and then prepare the"
  But the reality is, 60% elementary school math excellent students in junior high school had lost its leading edge, the reason needs to study and learning differences to begin in primary school. Characteristics of junior high school: junior high school mathematics, grade two math problems, third grade math test. It can be said that in junior mathematics learning is the Foundation of mathematics, and mathematics is the basis of all science disciplines. It can be seen that can learn the first relates to the science quality of the students of the junior middle school stage in mathematics.
  , Junior high school and elementary school to learn what are the differences?
  1. School of modular system of junior middle school is a middle school learn more courses before and after the link, the front will have a serious impact on the follow-up study of the effect, so junior high mathematics learning will be especially important, education courses beginning fall of synchronized jumps, comprehensive curriculum to help children in grade seven solid solid mathematical foundations.
  2. secondary 1 classes equivalent to primary 4 classes, compared with primary school, junior high school more difficult; middle school requires prior to a new junior   finished previewing the content first.
  3. compliance education at primary school, request exam standards; education of junior middle school is a perfect score, required students to full marks. Score one point rankings may go back more than 100 more.
  Two teachers, class information: selection of patience, experience, skill, more youthful junior teachers.
  First synchronization     9:00--11:40   500 Yuan/early March on Saturday morning a number of top     9:00--11:40   500/Sunday morning March material details: required school textbooks, class issued special supplementary teaching materials for education.

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