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Second mathematical synchronization classes

  • "math"
    &Nbsp;    there's an old saying: "first day neck and neck, the second day of polarization, the third heaven", second was an important transitional period, students ' math scores are easy to fall, for what? Main because junior high school mathematics geometry part of heavy difficulties--triangle, and quadrilateral and geometry transform is to in second period learning and accumulated of, and this part content system huge, questions flexible, in tests will to pressure axis problem rendering, this class topics not only need students are has solid of based knowledge, and basic method, also need has innovation thinking capacity, according to this a requirements, based on on students are method of guide and capacity of training, we in autumn class will focus opened following courses:

  • "physical"
    &Nbsp;    junior high school physics starting from the first two days, two days of summer physics is designed to sound, light, heat, its content in the test scores of
    About 20%, which works closely with the life, easy to arouse the students ' interest in learning physics. Our fall class will focus on open
    Next course:

            second      Monday
    &Nbsp;      second      Saturday afternoon 13:30--16:10       500 RMB/3 months

           material details: from school textbooks, classroom issuance of supplementary teaching materials


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