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Physics in grade three synchronization classes


1, secondary radicals: secondary radicals and its multiplication and addition and subtraction
2, quadratic equations: reduced solution of a quadratic equation a quadratic equation, the actual problem
3, rotation: graphic's rotation-symmetric
4, circle: circle, point, line, circle and circle location, arcs, and sector areas
Preliminary 5, probability: random events and probability, obtained by enumerating the probability, frequency probability
6, quadratic functions: quadratic functions, with function arguments quadratic equations, problems with quadratic functions



   " Chemistry"

   lecture : walk into Chemistry: changes in the substance and nature of ① ② common instruments and basic test
&Nbsp;                 ③ experiment in life

   lecture : air and water (I): determination of ② ① composition of the air, oxygen, chemical properties, usage, production of

   lecture : air and water (ii): the nature of water, purification ① ② ③ water electrolysis of air and water pollution prevention and control

   the fourth lecture : the mystery of matter (a): particle common ① ② molecules, atoms and atomic structure, ion ③ substance classification

   the fifth lecture : the mystery of matter (b): elements, valency ① ② chemical formulas and calculation of

   the sixth lecture : midterm review of the true problem playback: ① ② necessary knowledge true problem playback

   the seventh lecture : chemical equation: chemical equations and calculation of mass conservation ① ②

   the eighth lecture : carbon and carbon compounds: carbon elemental and oxide ① ② the properties of carbon dioxide, making three parts, fuel and combustion
   Nineth : metals (I): metals and metal resources utilization and protection ① ② metal property (1)

   the tenth lecture : metal (ii): chemical properties of metals (2)

   11th : chemicals around: ① Basics explained   II true problem of practice (practice of indefinite option)

   12th : solutions: solubility classification concept ① ② ③ (curves)

   13th : review of (a): implications for calculation, experiment, practice (1)

   14th lecture : review of (b): inferences, experiments, calculation exercises (2)

    15th lecture : review of (iii): final exam and summary

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