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High school math, synchronization classes

High school fall semester: beginning of the most beautiful, win at the beginning, to open after entering high school, students gradually become the mainstream, a teacher from "hands-on" roles relegated to second line.
  General high school students will be clearly felt in high school subjects more difficult, with     at the high school, the importance of learning methods have been widely accepted, but every year there are a lot of new learning cannot be found to the North, there are many excellent students, because they do not adapt to the new school year     intense study, grades took a nose dive, there are many students, as do enough preparation and catch up.
  Second, what high school class in the fall?
  1, from the start to create a collection of high school mathematics as a whole system, part 2, NCEE biggest score function, most abstract geometry!
  The "physical"
  1, the core mechanics: Newton's three laws of motion and law of universal gravitation and its applications; 2, exam focus: kinetic energy, mechanical energy conservation law and its application.
  Bridge 1, macro and micro-amount of substance, eight typical element of core 2, high school chemistry basics, the most challenging type of reaction-redox.
  Second, registration of the subjects: mathematics, physics, chemistry teacher: all high school teachers, kill a chicken to use a sledgehammer?
  Selection in education, beat the dog with a sledgehammer!
  Level class moderate deviations.
  Goals: tutorial, the majority of students achieve above average, some students reach the upper level.
  High school    13:30--16:10    600/March Saturday afternoon high    19:00--21:40      600/March higher Friday night    Saturday morning 9:00--11:40   &Nbsp;  600/March material details: required school textbooks, class issued special supplementary teaching materials for ed BACK

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