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High school math, synchronization classes

High school autumn class: not "transition", will way a, and opened reason experience has high of adapted period zhihou, to has high school most bottleneck of high school, if can do transition and convergence work, often can established a "intangible of gap" of advantage, while students faced of learning pressure began obviously ratio a big many, amount of do problem + teacher learning method summary coaching, keep and captured learning advantage, smooth through high school, three will more explicit easily.
  Second, the sophomore class in the fall?
  1, taking the series in full swing, college entrance examination question scores of 70%, the Conic complex calculations; 2, new knowledge, new ideas, fully engaged after the new curriculum reform of mathematical ideas, meet the entrance requirements in advance.
  The "physical"
  1, finale of college entrance examination question regulars: electric field, magnetic field and Newton's laws of motion combined with the complex comprehensive questions 2, hot college entrance examination: electromagnetic induction combined with the mechanical laws of theorem, the most difficult.
  1, one-fifth of the college entrance examination of organic chemistry, relatively independent of the system, a complete grasp difficult; the chemical reaction principles of 2, knowledge systems must be constructed successfully, the law difficult to understand, abstract and strong.
  Three, the registration information of the subjects: mathematics, physics, chemistry teacher: all high school teachers, kill a chicken to use a sledgehammer?
  Selection in education, beat the dog with a sledgehammer!
  Level class moderate deviations.
  Goals: tutorial, the majority of students achieve above average, some students reach the upper level.
  High school   a: 19:00--21:40    600/March Friday night b: 9:00--11:40   600/March Saturday morning high school   9:00--11:40      600/March Saturday morning high of   Friday 19:00- -21:40       600/March material details: required school textbooks, class issued special supplementary teaching materials for ed BACK

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