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On Mathematics with a round of review of college entrance examination

Course title: Mathematics for the first round of review of college entrance examination (I) speech course for students: high school increased students for mathematics first round of review of college entrance examination.
  Course content:
  Collection and simple logic: the concept and operation of the collection, including methods to solve absolute value inequalities, as well as the solution of a quadratic inequality, logical connectives and four propositions, the necessary and sufficient conditions.
  Functions, derivative: mapping and function, the expression and definition of the function domain, range and the value of the function, the parity of a function, periodicity of monotonicity and inverse functions, quadratic functions, Exponential function and logarithmic functions, image functions, derivative of the concept of operations, the use of derivative.
  Series: the series ' concept, arithmetic, geometric, poor ratio of comprehensive use of summation. (2010 hits the college entrance examination) trigonometric functions: concept, with corner-basic relationship between the trigonometric functions and the induction formula, and difference, double angle formula and used images of trigonometric functions, nature, sine-cosine theorem and its use.
  Plane vector: vector operations, vector coordinates operation, the dot product of the vector, definite point of the line segment and translation.
  Inequality: conceptual nature and basic inequality, inequality proof methods, solutions to inequality, and inequality using the absolute value inequality.
  Effect of course: helping students from the perspective of knowledge review exam math upper part from examination across the country select the best parts in the last five years to students, helping students build mathematical knowledge.
  Course characteristics:
  1, and with success education knowledge slice system, help students from entrance mathematics more than 100 multiple will test test centers in the, select out often test of more than 60 multiple (Shang told 30 a, Xia told 30 a), for targeted of explained, real help students solution actual problem; 2, and for mathematics courses of features, implemented 20 people boutique class teaching mode, makes teacher and students between better for communication; 3, and Assistant full counselling, help each a a students real learn to knowledge, learned knowledge. Comprehensive effect of upgrading courses.
  Textbook lists: information, education authority. BACK

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