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Mathematical review of college entrance examination methods---the 2011 University entrance exam candidates

Review of college entrance examination is divided into three stages, namely physical review stage; reviewing stage; Sprint.
First round review, that based review stage, this stage of review is whole entrance review in the most key of link, General from August to second years of March, lasted 8 months, this a stage of review effect directly effect whole entrance of success, so students are should height attention, in first round review in the we must strictly according to review outline of requirements, put outline in the all of test centers individually for breakthrough, full implementation, formed full of knowledge system. Which requires candidates to the textbooks of basic concepts, basic formulas, focus on basic methods, reviewing should be diluted in training in special skills, emphasis on the role of mathematical ideas and methods. Common of mathematics thinking has: (1) function thinking: according to problem of features building function will by to research of problem, into for on building function of nature as defined domain, and range, and monotone sex, and odd I sex, and periodic, and most value, and symmetric sex, and range and image of intersection number, of research; (2) equation thinking: through column equation (Group) established problem in the of known and unknown of relationship, through solutions equation (Group) achieved of unknown for known, to achieved solution problem of purpose (3) the combination of number and form of thought: it can correspond to abstract mathematical language and Visual graphics, making complex issues simple, abstract problems materialized, (4) the idea of classified discussion: this thought more and more reflects its importance in answering questions, solving classification principles should be clear: standard to unify, not heavy and no leakage.
While candidates at this stage of the review process must pay attention to role of textbooks, we have a lot of parts who have emphasis on textbooks, even during college entrance examination this year, never over the textbook, which is very dangerous. As part of college entrance examination questions are from the book's examples and extended variants in the practice of, for the weak foundation of our class, you should carefully read the material, carefully chipping away at the book examples, experience combining the mathematical thinking and mathematical methods. It does help for us to improve math skills!
Class selection of reference books I think choosing a suitable reference book or two, learn the essence of society would have been enough, don't get too much, get too much, but is a very big burden to itself.
Second round review, that topic strengthened review stage, General from March to April end of, due to first round review is to the knowledge plate mainly, horizontal contact not more, so in second round review in the should focus highlight in knowledge network intersection at of review, entrance in the General has following several topic, that: function and guide function topic; plane vector and trigonometric functions topic; plane vector and analytic geometry topic; space vector and stereo geometry topic; probability and statistics topic; series and inequality topic,, Through this section of the review goal is to improve the students ' ability to solve college entrance examination to answer question. Students at this stage should not be obsessed with rolling walkthrough, but typical examples for the carrier, with the flexible use of maths for clues, emphasis on problem-solving strategies, themselves in the first round of review on the basis of mathematical quality to be improved significantly. It is worth noting at this stage that year's syllabus has already been introduced, candidates should carefully read the exam syllabus, for preliminary review to find deficiencies, in particular with regard to the commitments in previous years, we must attach great importance to change, priority review, review in the meant to be exhaustive in the college entrance examination, not leaving.
The third round of review, namely CCNP remote access the review stage, we should do much exercise at this stage, to do the questions to topics, exercises of college entrance examination questions must be the best! Recommended always to do it over the ten years of examination, including national and local volumes, second best to find an almost 5 years since the district exam questions, doing exercise to consolidate the earlier in the process of reviewing the test. And finally don't forget to book review, especially in exam should once again opening the book inside formulas and theorems, doing the typical example, because after all the examples in the book is relatively simple, examples was to prevent the practice before the exam, college entrance examination properly, one is to help to increase our confidence.
Review of college entrance examination in the whole process, we can establish a product wrong, requires us in every exercise must be carried out for the wrong error analysis, error consists of three: one miscalculation, one is examining the errors, a starting point is thinking wrong. For first species this is we most students often appeared of problem, in entrance note in the we must to note, each exam and do problem in the must to beginning, do cannot capabilities, we many students in usually training Shi a see problem think himself will do on gave up calculus process, this is bad of learning habits, only each in do problem Shi can finish, to improve we operation of accuracy, avoid calculation errors! For second species examines the errors, like in has one years of entrance in the let you seeking of is extreme, and we many students seeking of is most value, superfluous, waste has time also to buckle points, for this situation, I wants to in exam Shi must to first put problem carefully reading a again, even can put papers Shang key word do Shang mark to tips you full and accurate to using known conditions, this is a good of approach, students are may wish to can try try! For third species this is a is key of problem, in entrance in the answers problem accounted for has is big of proportion, to overcome this problem, we in usually learning in the must to note accumulated some typical examples of typical solution, like in analytical geometry in of moving points problem we can consider elimination parameter method, series in the of structure method, function in the of transfer method, and so on, this are is is good of method, in note in the through master this a method on can is smooth do a topics, analogy, analogy! Only in times of continuous accumulation, we will continue to progress, college entrance examination will be handy, surprise!
Finally, pay attention to the exercise training good psychological quality, high there are many mock exams in three phases, is to check the review of students, and second, in order to simulate the University entrance exam, exercises the psychological qualities. Students usually must consciously develop carefully, tenacious tough character. Some topics hard to get good, problem easy or do poorly, which is of poor quality. Facing difficulties, struggling, not its solution, nervous irritability, quit face problems, complacent, careless, the drain, it is that students tend to make the most of the problem. In fact, if one can think I'm annoying, my new, buckled, will be able to achieve the desired results.
College entrance examination approaches, some candidates mental strain or even sick. We remind you that prevent the two extreme approaches, one is relaxing and undermines longstanding clock, would be counterproductive. Another is to burn the midnight oil, working overtime, leading to fatigue before an exam, exam time have no energy. Candidates are advised to rest adjustment is necessary, but must be fine-tuned, in particular, to gradually adjust to the excited state 9:00--11:30 in the morning, afternoon 3:00--5:00. should pay attention to food science and law before the college entrance examination, not eating and drinking, should be light but also to guarantee the comprehensive nutrition, eat the right amount of starchy food, ensure that the brain needs. In short, life rhythm, Zhang Yichi, stay mentally stable.
Maintaining confidence is necessary before a test, went into the examination room with confidence, even in the face of difficulties, do not panic, since we are all equal. In addition, moderate stress is normal and necessary for entered the examination room, because it is good for the passion, do not cause unnecessary panic. If we are prepared and confident, buckled, will have the last laugh.
Hope the above suggestions to help everyone's review of college entrance examination! BACK

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