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A week before the exam eight tips

Exams are candidates in the week before the final sprint stage, are also candidates to pay particular attention to time. To make a smooth transition, achieving safe entrance, happy entrance, special to the eight candidates who will attend college entrance examination reminder:
  1. test Qian one week night don't overtime, to guarantee enough of rest time, to keep better of review and examination State; 2, last a week should not be for fierce of sports (as played football, and playing basketball,), so as not to lane injury hands to exam brings inconvenience even lost exam of opportunities; 3. test Qian should not be blind to himself large into supplements, so as not to appeared body does not apply phenomenon and effect normal of rest. In a conventional manner, sudden changes can bring unexpected inconveniences.
  4. Finally stages do not blindly trust so-called exam information (such as what "full exam mock tests, and finally yati" unreliable information), so as not to distract his attention. Really can trust is our strength and the important note in the notes.
  5. a week before the test should not be a large number of questions. For liberal arts students, and this week questions than questions tend to be more effective. For science students, or just need to do some basic questions or medium can be a problem in order to maintain a certain feel.
  6. a week before an exam should not be overly anxious and impulsive, to maintain a steady and optimistic attitude, 7. examination should not be too high expectations before their results, can get out of the usual level, find your location can have 8. exams do not easily affected by the influence of others, insists that he has been used to study and lifestyle.

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