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Charge standard
Charge standard

Subject level

Part-time teachers/hourly



10-20 Yuan/when

15-30 yuan/when

Primary culture

15-50 Yuan/when

20-60 Yuan/when

Junior high school culture

25-60 Yuan/when

30-80 Yuan/when

High school culture

35-90 Yuan/when

40-100 Yuan/when

University culture

40-100 Yuan/when

50-150 Yuan/when

Special Exam classes

30-100 Yuan/when

40-150 Yuan/when

Art classes

30-120 Yuan/when

40-150 Yuan/when

Fitness classes

30-100 Yuan/when

40-150 Yuan/when

Foreign language/Putonghua

30-100 Yuan/when

40-150 Yuan/when

&Nbsp;    price standard, for reference only. Actual price to consider ease of course, Faculty qualifications, experience, level, performance, and students to the actual situation, as well as factors such as distance, location, the number of weekly coaching, by the participants (parents) and teachers agreed. Compensation settlement can be used each time, weekly, and monthly settlement.

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